Severtson Screens

Severtson is a company based in Phoenix, Arizona, that is family owned and run by a small group of extremely passionate people. Severtson Corporation was created, as so many other great companies are, out of a random opportunity, the initiative of a single person, and vision. Ron Severtson started the company when a friend he met in the army called him out of the blue one day and asked him to come over to the local air force base to have a look at their flight simulator which was in a terrible state. A house painter at the time, Ron told him he had zero knowledge about them but he was willing to have a look. After the visit and a dismal first attempt at painting it, he researched paint formulas at the local library and the second attempt proved to be much better. They loved it. A few months later, the second phone call came, then later the third, and so on and before he knew it the house painter from the mid-west was travelling to Germany, the middle east, and the orient to paint flight simulators for not only the US air force, but for the Thai air force and other governments. Over the years, this also gave him the necessary capital investment to allow experimenting with ever better paint formulations.

Then the day came when a company in NYC called asking if he would come to NY and talk to them about the needs that a new company they were starting had for a specialty screen. After telling them he had no experience in doing what they needed, he agreed to visiting to talk. At the meeting they hired him on the spot to make the first of a new generation of “large screens” unlike anyone had seen before. Once tested and used, this new company called IMAX hired him as their exclusive supplier of coatings for their giant film screens. He painted every IMAX screen in their theatres all over the world for years – yes, even the one in here in your city. So without knowing it, even though you’re not familiar with the name, you and your clients have enjoyed movies on a Severtson screen. A few years later Severtson started supplying screens to other large commercial theatre chains like AMC, Odeon Cineplex, etc across the world and continues to do so today. In fact, Severtson is the 2nd largest supplier of commercial theatre screens in the world today.

Next came the idea of selling screens to the consumer market. Who wouldn’t want to have the company that builds all those amazing big screens, build a screen for the theatre in your house! The division’s sales took off and that’s where we are today.

Severtson screens are not sold on the internet, only through dealers like you.