In 1968-1969, MechoShade Corp, then known as HomeCraft Drapery and Upholstery Corp, was working on a project in Atlanta, Georgia with a well-known New York City architectural firm. At that time, HomeCraft Drapery provided all types of window coverings, for commercial and residential projects, which was limited to draperies & curtains, Venetian and Vertical blinds.

The Atlanta project had window wall problems, which dictated that the shading system could not traverse, and stack in the window bay, but had to rise fully into a ceiling pocket. All windows were floor to ceiling, fully pivoting for cleaning and maintenance. Part of the window jamb was recessed flush into a bearing window wall column, which occurred between each window unit.

At the time, the natural solution would be a venetian blind that stacked in the pocket. However the company Chairman disliked Venetian blinds and insisted that HomeCraft devise another solution. Also, he did not want lengths of cord on the floor from a reel-pully design. It had to be a continuous loop.

HomeCraft developed a “flat drapery” that was to the exact size required for the window. The operating system developed was a roll up shade with a looped bead chain. The Fabric had to be custom sized to the correct width to operate properly with a single thickness of fabric. The result was a most successful project, and creation of the original manual roller shade system.

This new solar protection shade system was presented to the New York Architects and subsequently HomeCraft was awarded a major project, the Irving Trust Co. at One Wall Street. The entire building was retrofitted with this new shading system, which was named MechoShade®.

In the thirty years since, MechoShade Systems , Inc. continues to be a pioneer in the development of solar shading, including the development of its’ hugely successful T hermoVeil® and EuroVeil® shadecloth lines and creative solutions to brightness, glare and solar control problems. Through the research and engineering capabilities that created the MechoShade system in the beginning, MechoShade has become the only single source solar shading designer and manufacture of hardware, shadecloth and accessories. MechoShade is in the forefront of energy efficient solar shading design at the window wall to achieve personal, thermal, and visual comfort in conjunction with the more efficient use of natural resources. It is this reason why you find MechoShades in many “Green” projects, including those that have achieved LEED™ certification.

MechoShade Systems has offices in Long Island City, NY and Phoenix, AZ with sales and distribution throughout the continental United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.