British Columbia Territory

Andrew Waibler


Direct: 604-721-6468

Area: Lower mainland and Island sales representative and sales manager

Andrew has been in the audio industry for over 25 years and is a true audiophile and videophile.  He has a very keen knowledge of all products, whether he sells them or not, from both a performance and technical side of things.  He started his A/V career in a small audio shop in Vancouver in 1986 called Larry’s Stereo Awareness.  Andrew later joined up with local retailer A&B Sound where he worked for over a decade.  With 15 years retail experience under his belt Andrew was well qualified to work as a manufacturers representative. Andrew first met Whale in 1989 and after a fifteen year friendship Andrew finally joined WPM.

When Andrew is not working he can be found tinkering with his camera, car, or enjoying the coastal waters of British Columbia.



Gary Toombs 


Office: 250-764-0658

Interior BC Sales Representative – includes the sunny Okanogan, Norther British Columbia and SouthEast BC into the Kootneys

Gary has been in the A/V business for over 25 years and with our team for a combined total of over 15 years.  He brings with him a passion for our products and a genuine attitude to help his dealer base maximize their achievments.  In his spare time Gary can be found spending time with his family on the ski slopes or in the summer on the golf course.  He is an avid gardener and Maple Leaf’s hockey fan.  Fortunately his love for the Leafs gives him plenty of time to spend in the garden.