Alberta Territory

Alberta Sales Representative Team

Bob and John Unger

Office: 403-242-9355

Area: All of Alberta

Bob is one of the pioneers in this business and a true road warrior. Bob’s son John makes up the other half of the sales team. Bob’s career started out selling musical instruments and now has taken him to the A/V side for the biggest part of his career.  Bob and John are wonderful reps that is well respected and valued by their dealers.  When you sit and talk to Bob you realize he is a jack of all trades. Bob and John are a real pleasure to have on our team.


John Unger

Office: 403-242-9355

John had the best trainer in the world for this job – his dad Bob.  He is also the one that seems to do the lion share of the driving when they travel together allowing Bob to rack up his cell bill. John is as hard a worker as his dad and a real pleasure to have on team.